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Gaming Identity, Part I

With the rise of streaming and more social gaming, having a persona online is now more important than ever. In the first part of this series, I take you on my journey from my youth's imagination to gaming identity and brand. Let's begin by reflecting on the sources that inspired me.

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Review: The Playstation 5

It's big. It's curvey and is sold out nearly everywhere. While we can't answer the question if Sony will stay on top in the console wars or even survive in the face of much bigger players in the gaming market. We can answer the question is it any good?

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Bugsnax | Why It's Good

Bugsnax was a viral hit from the drop of its catchy theme song to its presence as a forerunner title of the PlayStation 5. What made such a peculiar game stand out among the crowd, and did it even deserve such broad acclaim? The answer is kinda bug, and kinda snack.

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