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ARK: Ragnarok

Server Address

Password: honor

Connect to Voice Channel

ARK: Ragnarok

Server is running

Platform: PC

Version: Latest

Play ARK with your friends in LDSGamers!

Server settings

Current settings are intended to balance the game experience for casual play, meaning faster progression, less upkeep and less meaningless difficulty.

  • PvE only
  • Wild dinos are up to level 150
  • Faster taming: 3x
  • Faster breeding: 8x egg hatching and maturation, 1/8 mating cooldown
  • Faster harvesting: 2x overall + another 1.25x for dinos
  • Faster experience gain: 3x + 1.25x for kills
  • Death bags last much longer
  • Reduced food and water drain, including tamed dinos
  • Fuel lasts twice as long
  • Flyer speed leveling
  • Nights are half duration
  • Minor stat boosts to some stats for players and dinos

The full list of server settings can be found here.

Mod list

Subscribe to this mod list on Steam to pre-download the mods before joining:

Mod settings

  • Awesome spyglass does not show outlines
  • Range of most S+ structures increased to 50 foundations
  • S+ engrams replace vanilla engrams (Use S+ Converter to get vanilla parts)
  • S+ Root Beer Barrel crafts at twice the speed
  • S+ Industrial Forge and Tek Replicator are smaller
  • Nanny feeds dinos more often
  • Element lasts 48 hours in the Tek Generator
  • Dino Tracker can only track tamed dinos and tribe members


  1. Do not use profanity
  2. Do not use hacks
  3. Do not troll
  4. Do not grief
  5. Become a dino master
  6. Follow the LDSG Code of Conduct

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