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Murder at Blood Mansion [SALE]

Games - G0005

$16.99 USD

Out Of Stock

A murder mystery card game created by LDS creators Braden Barty and Parker Jacobs (Yo Gabba Gabba)!

An exceptionally fun whodunit card game where 2-6 players use deduction, bluffing and wit to solve a murder. Choose one of nine colorful characters, each with their own ability, to help you solve the crime. When you've collected enough evidence and retrieved the missing weapon, it’s time make an accusation and you've won the game! Unless YOU are the Murderer, then it's your job to ESCAPE the Mansion. Game comes with: 76 Tarot sized cards, 9 gear shaped wooden suspect tokens, 1 red velvet token bag, 1 innocent suspect envelope.

Breaking it down:

  • An intense murder mystery card game for 2-6 players
  • Think: Exploding Kittens meets Clue
  • Perfect for Family Game Night, Scout/Girls Camp, Group Date Nights, etc!
  • Family friendly, superbly enjoyable and quick and easy to learn
  • Invokes deduction, bluffing, wit & collecting enough evidence
  • Fully funded on Kickstarter in under 48 hours
  • 76 Tarot sized cards, and 9 wooden character gear shaped tokens

*Special LDSG Price: $8.00 Off Amazon Price

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