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Minecraft - Survival

Server Address


Connect to Voice Channel

Minecraft - Survival

Server is running

Platform: PC

Version: 1.12.2

Want to support the server and get some awesome things to use in-game?

Visit our Minecraft store

Block Trails! - $5.00

Come join 700+ other LDS Minecrafters in a survival world where adventure awaits!

We now have pets/companions for sale!


  1. Be respectful of others
  2. Do not exploit the map, server, or in-game glitches to your advantage
  3. Be honest with your fellow players
  4. Do not crowd other players (If you can see your fellow player's builds, you're too close!)
  5. Do not use cheats/hacks/mods
  6. Do not use profanity
  7. Do not grief in any way
  8. Let staff know of any problems
  9. Follow the LDSG Code of Conduct
  10. Have fun!

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