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Review: Untitled Goose Game

From the first time I saw gameplay of Untitled Goose Game developed by Australian based House House, I knew that I wanted to play it for myself. The fantastic and cute art direction and simple but fun gameplay looks inviting and a blast to play. The review of this game won't be very long, but thats because the game itself isn't very long. More on that later.


At first there doesn't seem to be much of a story. You are a goose. A jerk of a goose to be quite honest. You go from section to section with a list of things to do that typically involve making life tough on the residents of the unnamed English village. The reason why you are hounding these poor people doesn't become apparent until the very end. I won't come any closer to that for fear of spoiling the end of the game. It is seriously worth the play for it.


As mentioned earlier you play as a goose. I have a general belief that all geese are jerks by nature but this one takes the crown. Sometimes I felt bad about doing some of the things that you are made to do. For example, one task has you tripping a boy by untying his shoes (who is afraid of you by the way, poor kid) stealing his glasses, and giving him another pair which you stole from a store. No point to it really, just being a jerk for whatever reason. It is funny, but that is one mean goose. That being said the tasks/puzzles that you are asked to do can involve some creative thinking. None of it is so hard that I felt the need to cheat by looking online, thankfully.

Controls are really basic as well. You aren't a super goose or even a special goose. So the controls are what you would expect. You can walk/run, honk, flap your wings, duck, and grab things with your beak. That is about it really. No unlocks, no upgrades, no armor. You just are tasked with things to do and you do them to progress to the next section. Simple and fun.

One thing that did have me disappointed was the length. It seems like average play time will take a gamer about 90 minutes to complete. Granted there are extra things to do after you have completed the main story (what little story it did have). While it is only $20 (on sale for $15 during the launch window), one would expect more than what is there. I really hope they come out with more things to do as a free update.

This also brings up something that confuses me. This game is available for PC, macOS, and Switch. The absence of a Xbox or Playstation version doesn't make much sense to me. Even a version for Android or iOS seems like a no-brainer. This type of game would be perfectly at home on mobile devices. This might be due to the fact that the developer is only a 4 person team. Maybe in the future.


Graphics are super simple flat style but fit the game perfectly. This game wouldn't have near the charm if it had fully realized textures and lighting. There isn't much more to say on graphics other than take a look at some examples and enjoy.


Music in Untitled Goose Game is perfect. Sometimes there isn't even any at all. The music is piano based and usually matches perfectly what is going on in the game. If you are being chased, the music will pick up in intensity and tempo.

Sound effects are also really great. The honks are just honks, but pick up a glass bottle and now your honk sounds like it is echoing out of the bottle like you would expect. Pick up a harmonica and well... what you would expect happens. It's charming and hilarious.

Final Thoughts

Untitled Goose Game is a must play that I enjoyed every second of. It could have used much more content but what is there is a funny adventure inside the mind of a goose set out on a path of rudeness. I highly recommend a play through.

The Switch version of the game was used in this review.

The Verdict

8.5 Great

The Good

  • Cute art direction
  • Hilarious gameplay
  • Generally fun to play
  • Easy & simple controls

The Bad

  • Far too short
  • Not available on mobile or Xbox/PS


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