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Being Mormon and Loving Nintendo

I have been gaming for thirty plus years, and have owned many consoles and played many games, but my most favourite games belong on Nintendo systems. This has been the case for many years and even to this day. To me Nintendo has always been about great gameplay, and great gaming experiences, that can be enjoyed by yourself or with others. Whether it's questing through the lands of Hyrule, or hanging out with friends playing some Goldeneye, I associate Nintendo with fun. This is also important however, as for the most part Nintendo has always been seen as a family friendly kind of company, their characters and properties seen the same way traditionally as a company like Disney.

Nintendo, Zelda Wii U

I'm older now, and while I have played a variety of games, including things like Call of Duty or Mortal Kombat, but now that I have a little family I have reigned it in a little in regards to questionable games. I have a lot less time for gaming in general, and even then should I be playing things that I wouldn't play around my kids? Just something I have been thinking more and more about lately. When it comes to Nintendo though, I rarely have to think about that, which is nice, and my 3 year old son happens to love Nintendo's characters. If we have some free time then he'll ask me to play Smash Bros, or Mario Kart, or something along those lines. It's nice to be able to just sit and spend time with my kids, asking whom I should pick, and just sharing in these gaming experiences with them.

Nintendo, Super Smash Bros

What does the future bring though, for me and for the company? Well i'm not too sure but I'm hoping it brings even more fantastic gaming experiences. There are rumours that the next Nintendo system could come out as early as this year, and hopefully bring alongside it third-party support and current-gen level graphics to things like Zelda, Metroid, Mario and more. Plus we are finally going to get Nintendo games on our phones and tablets, which will also help to lengthen the Nintendo legacy. As a Mormon gamer I really enjoy the environment that Nintendo helps to create with it's systems and games, and am looking forward to more great experiences for me and my family.


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