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Introducing Kyberlight, The Greatest Custom Lightsaber in the Galaxy [Kickstarter]

With over a hundred thousand successfully backed projects and over two billion dollars raised, Kickstarter is more than just a successful project-starting website; it is a springboard site where creators of all sorts come to bring the world the next big thing. From comics to new innovations, you can find what you’re looking for through the wide array of choices on the site.

One such fun innovation that has already accrued over $350,000 is the Kyberlight lightsaber. Kyberlight is a group out of American Fork, Utah made up of awesome Star Wars fans with engineering backgrounds who came together to create the ultimate custom lightsaber experience.

With the constant success Star Wars accumulates through each new movie, it’s no wonder that this project is so successful already. However, the creators at Kyberlight need you to make this product a reality, so read on to learn more about these customizable light sabers and view the Kyberlight Kickstarter video above.

According to their Kickstarter page, Kyberlight’s benefits include unique, state-of-the-art features, such as hilt customization, twenty color options (at the touch of a button), sound effects, a rechargeable battery, and an indestructible design. The fellows behind Kyberlight also added an exciting update a few days ago, as follows:

Hey everyone- I wanted to say thank you again for your support of Kyberlight. We only have 15 (now 7) days left of the Kickstarter and the amazing rewards there will never be a better deal on a lightsaber of this caliber or with these many options. Just to recap: Early Backers before we hit our goal get the Green Moon Sleeve as a reward. Then we offered rewards every 10K from 50K to 100K. These rewards are still in play for any backer that pledges at the Master Level before the campaign ends. You can check out our gallery of rewards at the bottom of our kickstarter. Then at $250K we offered a blade plug for all Knight level backers and above. So if you were to pledge by the end of the kickstarter at the Master Level or higher you would get the world’s greatest lightsaber with full sound, 12 W Quad Core LED and 20 colors at the touch of a button, flash on clash feature, indestructible blade with threaded cap, 23 accessories, light up t-shirt, Kyberlight fighting gloves and free shipping. That is a minimum value of $500+ for just $299 and if you pledge at the High Council level that is a $500+ value for $224 per saber. There has never been and most likely will never be a better deal!! Help us spread the word and tell your friends that they have 15 (now 7) days to cut the deal of a lifetime. Thanks!!

Just look at it!! Look at it!!

There isn’t much time left in their campaign, so the clock is ticking on these awesome incentives to secure your personal lightsaber now.


Note: Do not wear while playing hide and seek.

We will be doing a follow-up article on a preproduction sample of one of these babies, so stay tuned for that to learn about the Kyberlight customizable lightsabers from our first-hand experience.

Check out the Kyberlight Kickstarter campaign page here!


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