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Finding your Inner Gamer

In today’s busy world it is hard to manage your time, and finding a balance between work and play is difficult. No matter what you do for work, it is important to have a hobby or outlet that allows you time to relax, have fun, or just take your mind off the demands of living on this dreary world. One particular hobby that you probably enjoy (since you’re reading this) is gaming. Despite the negative connotation that the term “Gamer” has been given, almost everyone with a phone is a gamer. If you’ve ever flung a little bird at a tower of pigs, or if you like the occasional solitaire on your computer then you are a gamer. Being a gamer, however, doesn’t mean you have to devote a certain amount of time or resources towards games. Being a gamer means that you enjoy a little escape from the stress of life, and that you love imagination and creativity.

Stardew Valley

With a little dedication, you might just be the one to restore Stardew Valley to greatness!

The time you have for play may be minimal, especially when compared to the time you spend working, but that is why it can make such an impact on your inner thoughts and emotions. Your thoughts and emotions have power on the way you live your life every day; whether it is waking up disappointed or revived, going to work begrudged or buffed, coming home tired or with more XP, or going to bed to temporarily stop stress or to up your stamina. The way you approach life helps you to either enjoy it, or regret it, and gaming can give you a renewed desire for success and achievement, especially if you know how to use it. Almost every game has some aspect of progression. Some games have specific goals or achievements, while others simply display stats or records, but every game can drive you to become better. Applying these same tactics in other areas of your life will increase your effectiveness and make you want to progress. It may seem silly to create a daily achievement of “Performing a Good Deed” but by using the same tools that motivate you in games to cultivate a positive change in your life you can improve as much as you are willing.

Games are a more productive entertainment than most other media forms of entertainment, mostly because games are more engaging. However, games also require critical thinking and base motor skills, even if it is sometimes just tapping your phone with your finger. But the best thing about games and being a gamer isn’t that you can use it to make you a better person (because there are plenty of other things out there to help with that…) The best thing about being a gamer is the wonder and awe that you can feel as you step into another world and experience things that you would never be able to experience any other way. The ability to run through a 2-dimensional world smashing blocks with your head to try and save a princess; the ability to create towns, cities, fortresses, or whatever from the ground up; the ability to progress and grow through interaction with a virtual world; all of these are made possible through gaming, and having joy in those experiences is what makes you a gamer.


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